Guruji's Birthday Celebrations - Bengaluru


Yogoda Satsanga Dhyana Kendra, Bengaluru celebrated our Guru Sri Sri Paramahansa Yoganandaji's birthday with reverence and devotion. Around 300 people attended  the morning service and approximately 200 people attended the evening service. The morning service reading was "Guru: The Channel of Eternal Blessing",  followed by audio of Guruji' s voice from "Awake in Cosmic Dream".   The atmosphere was further enhanced by a period of chanting.

Maha Prasad was served at 12:30pm after pushpanjali. Buffet-style lunch prasadam was served in two counters smoothly for women and men devotees.

At 2:30pm  we had the Palanquin Procession for Guruji on Paramahansa Yogananda Road. Around 200 devotees joined the procession, and walked  for approximately 2 kilometers chanting the Guru's name. The procession passed through Paramahansa Yogananda Circle  and touched Paramahansa Yogananda Park as well.

After a short break for tea and snacks, evening service started at 4:30pm with bhajans.

At 5:00pm Inauguration of Centenary Celebration done by lighting of the lamp by Additional Director General of Police Sri A M Prasad and Senior devotee Sri Hariputhranji.  This was followed by aarathi, a chant and a brief period of meditation.  Then the reading of  Mrinalini Ma 's letter on Centenary Celebration, and Guruji's Poem- God's Boatman, then chant and meditation. We also had felicitation to Devotees Smt. Champa, Smt Sowmya Dinesh and Sri Ramaswamy who have helped in translating Spiritual Diary to Kannada language. A senior devotee Sri Srikataiahji  who was also instrumental in translation has been felicitated in his home by the committee members as he was not able to visit the mandir.  Finally the day long service ended with praying for others, closing prayer and offering of pranami by devotees.